Warrior Within


The fight against this foe is almost identical to fighting a Brute. However, the battle lasts longer, and the finishing kill attacks usually require bigger amount of cuts compared to his weaker comrades.[1] To defeat him, the player has to bring him to his knees, climb on his head, hit him with the sword continuously until he is stabbed into the back of his neck.

One easy strategy is to back him into a wall, by standing near a wall and tempting his charge attack. After he hits the wall, nothing too much will happen, he just won't be able to turn around to fight back nearly as well; so you can get at his legs more easily.[1]

Another strategy is to simply use the Eye of the Storm power to slow down time. The player can then roll between his legs and cut him down more quickly. It takes two or three slow-downs to defeat Thrall.[1]


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