Prince Tus
Prince Tus as he appeared in the film
Biographical Data
Origin Persia
Relative(s) Sharaman (father), Garsiv (brother), Dastan (adoptive brother), Nizam (uncle)
Professional Data
Occupation Prince of Persia
Item(s)/Weapon(s) Scimitar
Out of Universe Data
Appearance(s) The Sands of Time film

"We both know that Dastan was many things but not a coward."
—Prince Tus

Tus is the first son of Sharaman, nephew to Nizam, older brother to Garsiv and adopted older brother to Dastan.


Early Life

As a young boy, Tus always wished to become like his father, Sharaman, a wise ruler. He learned how to become king through the help of his uncle Nizam. Since the day that Dastan stepped into the palace, he shared a great bond with Tus. Tus is loyal and loving to his family, taking his father's beliefs on brotherhood to heart. He is eager to prove his worth to his father and his ability to rule to all the empire. This sometimes makes Tus act before thinking things through.

The Sands of Time

Tus leads the entire army of Persia to invade Alamut against the king's orders. Nizam said that the city was arming Persia's enemies. He played a large role in the life of his younger brother Dastan.


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