As members of the House of the Spider and Scarab, the Twin Warriors relied on each other. As leaders, they were able to unite their houses. Their kinship helped maintain the bonds between their houses, which made them stronger and allowed them to hold their own against the Houses with unique skills.

When the Vizier united the Scythians, he used the House of the Scarab and Spiders as a means to influence their trust and was able to get the community of nomads to work with him and attack the city of Babylon in Persia.

As partners in combat, the strategic advantages of their chosen method of combat often threw their enemies off guard. Their skills also allowed them to defend each other's respective weaknesses when exposed to immediate attack.

The Sword Twin (a member of the House of the Spider) relied on speed and the disadvantages created for his opponent by the Axe Twin. The slightest miscalculation on his opponent's part allowed him to make quick attacks with his sword that caused severe damage.

The Axe Twin (a member of the House of the Scarab) fought in heavy armor and wielded a double-bladed axe that could presumably deal killing blows with a single swing. However, out of the two, the Axe twin presented the greatest weakness in their dynamic. His axe would often become stuck whatever it struck, leaving him open to attack whenever he tried to dislodge it.

So long as the two worked together against an enemy, they could not be beaten. However, against the Prince, who used the Sands and the Dagger of Time against them, their weaknesses as separate opponents were ones the Prince used to his advantage. With the inadvertent help of Farah, the Prince was able to kill both with minimal difficulty.


As humans, the Twin Warriors boasted above average physical stature and strength, as well as endurance. These skills were further enhanced after they were transformed by the Sands of Time.

The Twin Warriors were similar to that of the Scythian Swordsman, and the Sand Gate Guard. The Sands of Time enhanced their respective strengths, giving them inhuman qualities, but they possessed no special abilities akin to that of Enchantress or the Illusions.

The Twin Warriors were resilient to physical damage and were able to cooperate with each other in ways they were unable to as humans. Even after each of them took an otherwise fatal blow, they were able to fight, undaunted. When the Prince fought the Axe Twin, it took multiple attacks to kill him. A single arrow shot from Farah's Bow resulted in the immediate death of the Sword Twin.

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