Forgotten Sands Flame
Game The Forgotten Sands
UPlay N/A
Xbox 360 30G
Playstation 3 Silver

Untouchable is an achievement/trophy in Prince of Persia: The Forgotten Sands.


"Kill Ratash in the Throne Room without taking any damage."


To be eligible for the trophy, your health must never go down, at any stage of this fight, damage from anything, at any stage will invalidate this trophy. This trophy can be painfully hard, and will test your patience. Using the Power of Time to undo damage will invalidate this trophy, although you may reverse time before hitting the ground from a failed jump and still earn the trophy. The game will save right before you get to Ratash and watch Malik get owned. As far as bosses go, Ratash is no Einstein. Every time you see an attack coming (telegraphed by the flaring of red) just dodge through his legs. Stay close and keep doing this until he gets to half health. If you see his foot go up, you can also jump to avoid this attack. When he goes down on one knee, jump and then attack while you are in the air. A cutscene will trigger. If you get damaged during this fight, it is okay to load the last checkpoint.

After the cutscene you will have to do a little bit of platforming to be able to fight him again. Climb the stones, freeze the water to swing on it, run to the next stones and climb them, wall run, pull yourself up, run and jump to the swing pole, and then swing to where he is. Now you will have to wait until the falling water is thick and then freeze it. Maneuver across the water spout and you will get to him again. This will trigger another cutscene. If you get damaged during platforming, it is okay to load the last checkpoint.

Now this is the last part. He will summon a small group of enemies to attack you. If they get really close to you they should not be too hard to take out and if you stay close to Ratash, he will take a large portion of them out. As far as Ratash goes, just repeat the same process as before and when you get him to 1/4 health he will go down on one knee again and you will have to jump and attack again to finish him. A cutscene will trigger and you will get the trophy.

During this entire fight, Level 2 Ice Blast works quite well at delivering some good damage to Ratash.

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