Void Night

The Guardsman

The Guardsman

The Guardsman was once the humble guard of a small village. When that village was attacked by invaders, The Guardsman slayed them all single handedly. But his senior guard took full credit for the defence, and was promoted to Guard the capital. Enraged, the Guardsman slayed his Senior, and was confined to jail. He killed the jailors, and every prisoner, until colapsing from exhaustion. When he awoke, he was tied heavily. He was surounded by a large crowd, on his back, his neck on a guillotine. As the blade fell, Ahriman made him an offer, and he accepted: He would live forever in service of Arhiman, as Guarsman of the Truth. Ahriman equipped him with a scepter that not only flashed when lies were told, but held the power to kill those who lied.

The Meeting With The Prince

The first time The Prince and Elika met with The Guardsman was at the entrance of the Guardsman Castle. He ignored The Prince's queries, apearing mute. After a quick battle, in which he was clearly dominating, he fled.

Their next encounter was at the Castle Courtyard, where he nearly killed The Prince before fleeing again. He activated a trap, which used metel gates to trap The Prince and Elika inside the Courtyard as rocks rained down on them. They escaped by scaling the vines of a stone pillar to hop over the gate.

The Third encounter with The Guardsman had The Prince brave the dungeons alone to try and rescue the kidnapped Elika. He found and freed her, before The Guardsman faught them again. The Prince and Elika were trapped by The Guardsman in a cell, where they escaped from the window to the Throne Room.

Insid the Throne Room, they found the Guardsman, lording over his castle. He faught the group to the death, vicously defending his Throne Room. After they left the boundries of the door, he closed it upon them.

The final confrontation was in the tower, where The Prince finaly suceeded in besting him, and Elika cured him of his curuption. To everyone's surprise, he survived, as he had only been tainted for a decade or so. He was unhappy with the purging, however and flung himself off the tower to an unknown fate.

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