There is still a lot of cleaning up to do on the Prince of Persia Wikia. And as I go through the pages trying to spruce things up, the following categories being deleted are as follows:

  1. Reformed Characters
  2. Secret Weapons
  4. Redirect/Redirects
  5. Prince of Persia ✓ (Use "Browse" instead)
  6. Levitating Characters
  7. Main Characters
  8. Main Villain
  9. Content ✓ (Use "Browse" instead)
  10. Battles of Prince of Persia Generals ✓ (to be replaced with "Battles of Prince of Persia Characters")
  11. Flying creatures
  12. The Two Thrones Characters
  13. The Two Thrones ✓ (Use "Two Thrones" instead)

Sand Enemies should not be included in the following categories if they are not character's speaking/major roles in the game:

  1. Male Characters
  2. Female Characters

Categories they should be included in:

  1. Enemies
  2. Sand Enemies

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