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    • First of all hello! Since you guys don`t know me, I`m PrincessKaileena and i`m 13. I like Prince of persia. I played the trilogy, still want to get my hands on PoP 2008. Well, my favourite charather is Kaileena (Empress of time). And I want to ask you something, of witch I`ve been thinking for a while now..
    • If The Vizir haven`t killed Kaileena do you guys think he would make her his queen/princess/girlfriend? I think he would, cause the way I saw it he cares for her.. but then Farah had to show up(I have nothing againts Farah I just don`t like it how she get`s the Prince and Kaileena is killed...). Well If she wasn`t killed could she be Prince`s wife?
    • Tell me what you think in a comment below! ^.^

    PrincessKaileena (talk) 10:58, July 18, 2012…

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