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  • Princessfarah

    Leaving maybe...

    January 18, 2012 by Princessfarah

    Hey guys! For the past entire year I have had a lot of fun here in the Prince of Persia wiki, I was able to make new friendships with GrimLeaper19, Dimitar Dakovski, etc. Thank you everyone! But someone hacked my wikia account and I'm afraid he or she will use my account to vandalize articles not just here but also in the other wikis, I can't change my password becuase I already changed it a lot of times...that's why I gonna disable my account andleave..for awhile...But don't worry, I'll be back...maybe...and when I do..I'll let you guys know!!! :)

    Thanks to everyone who supported me in all my stuggles and "proposed projects.." sorry if I made some of you guys mad...I won't forget you guys..especially someone...He already knows who he is...…

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  • Princessfarah

    Hello and welcome to the Prince of Persia wiki PoP fans and longtime users/editors...To avoid vandalism and to gain unform style for the wiki, I have created the rules in editing the pages here on this website, this goes to all categories, from achievements to characters, this will serve as the guidelines in editing articles.

    NOTE: These rules are approved by the 2 active admins here in the wiki namingly Dakovski and Grimleaper19

    Here are the rules in editing the articles:

    1. The content titles should be in bold letters.

    2. Italicize and change the letters to bold if the said sentence is an important one (e.g, quotes, titles, names, keywords, etc.)

    3. In case of a situation in which a content has sub-contents, change the title into bold, but if…

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  • Princessfarah

    For the past months that I have been in this wiki, I noticed that most articles here focuses mainly on the games and not the movie released last year, that's why i porpose to all the contributors here in Prince of Persia Wiki that If any of you has any facts or information regarding the movie, please type it doen the article so that our movie pages would improve somehow because I have seen and visited the movie articles like Sheik Amar , Seso or even the Hassansins, all these articles have short information that's why I'm worried that if visitors checks out these pages and other movie pages, they won't be satisfied, I mean this wiki was created to feed fans of Prince of Persia some factual details. So now I wrote this blog to communicate w…

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  • Princessfarah

    Hello Prince of Persia fans!!! I know that I'm not in the right position but I want to help improve this wiki for the good of all POP fans that's why I thought of this idea that all articles in the wiki should have a uniformed design, font,etc. I have already started editing the pages that I follow but I am going to need all of your help in this one guys...but if you won't it's fine...I was just being concerned on this wiki...:D If you want to see the pages I edited, check out this page (Dastan) Take note of the font styles and their designs...if you think that this isa good project for the improvement of the wiki..then please help me...ohh and leave comments and suggestion...thanks!!! xoxo

    As Dakovski suggested, here are the rules in editi…

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  • Princessfarah

    Hey everybody!!! Let's congratulate GrimLeaper19 for being the new admin of the best wiki ever made!!! Prince of Persia wiki!!! Thanks Dakovski for choosing Grimmy... :D Leave comments and ideas...and suggestions if you have anything to say... :D Happy editing!!!

    Hooray for the Prince of Persia wiki!!!

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