For the past months that I have been in this wiki, I noticed that most articles here focuses mainly on the games and not the movie released last year, that's why i porpose to all the contributors here in Prince of Persia Wiki that If any of you has any facts or information regarding the movie, please type it doen the article so that our movie pages would improve somehow because I have seen and visited the movie articles like Sheik Amar , Seso or even the Hassansins, all these articles have short information that's why I'm worried that if visitors checks out these pages and other movie pages, they won't be satisfied, I mean this wiki was created to feed fans of Prince of Persia some factual details. So now I wrote this blog to communicate with all of you and tell you that to improve this wiki of ours, we should write everything we now here...especially the movie section, now I already edited the movie pages but I think that my information written to it is not enough so please please help me.


When editing, please obey the rules of editing the articles as I suggested to the admins here (which they approved). Thanks!!! and Hooray for Prince of Persia.

P.S P.S:

If your curious about the rules in editing the articles here is the link of that blog that I made. User blog:Princessfarah (its the blog entitled My Own Contribution/Suggestion for the good of the wiki...:))

Princessfarah 00:55, August 21, 2011 (UTC)

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