Hello and welcome to the Prince of Persia wiki PoP fans and longtime users/editors...To avoid vandalism and to gain unform style for the wiki, I have created the rules in editing the pages here on this website, this goes to all categories, from achievements to characters, this will serve as the guidelines in editing articles.

NOTE: These rules are approved by the 2 active admins here in the wiki namingly Dakovski and Grimleaper19

Here are the rules in editing the articles:

1. The content titles should be in bold letters.

2. Italicize and change the letters to bold if the said sentence is an important one (e.g, quotes, titles, names, keywords, etc.)

3. In case of a situation in which a content has sub-contents, change the title into bold, but if the subcontents are in the Gallery section do not change it anymore like the Gallery of the page of Elika that I edited.

4. Pictures in the infobox should be either an artwork or anything that shows only the said character and it should have the size of 250px. Gallery should be positioned in the left with the px (picture size) of 222.

5. The order of the contents should be like this:

a Biography

b. Content 1

c. Content 2

d. Content 3(if possible)

e. Content 4 (if possible)

f. Dialogues (if possible)


h. Gallery 9 Quotes 10 See Also

6. If there are videos to be posted, it should be factual and non-fanmade, should be placed next to or below its label.

That's all!!! If you think that it should be changed then tell me so that we could find a way to improve the rules. Please see to it that you will follow this rules when you are editing. Remember that this is all for the good of thewiki. Have a happy editing!!! And before I forget I am inviting all of you to vote for the Top 10 List I created here is the link (Best Femme Fatale ), vote and leave comments!!!

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