The Vizier

The Vizier used his staff to fight his enemies.

Despite his old age, the Vizier was a skilled staff fighter. He was strong enough to hold his own against the far younger and stronger Prince.[1] However, on account of his illness, he was easily overpowered in first and only battle with the Prince. He had hinted that in his prime, he was a much more formidable threat.[1]

The Vizier relied on manipulation and deception to achieve his ends. He was a cunning individual and held little to no regard for anyone but himself, even killing his own former wife[2] and betraying his master, the Maharajah.[1] He was also intelligent and had immense knowledge in his works, cleverly betraying his masters while concealing his true intentions[1] and even sealing away the Daevas.[2] In the new timeline that came as a result of the events that happened in Warrior Within, he was able to overthrow his master and forged a strong alliance with the Scythians to conjure both India and Babylon.


The Vizier was an immensely skilled magician who relief on a mysterious powers to call upon his abilities. He was able to create a powerful sand storm within a room[1], create copies of himself[1], and even produce powerful conclusive energy blasts with the usage of the Staff of Time.[2] He also possessed some ability to levitate off the ground and slide like a specter.[1]


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