The Sands of Time


Defeating the Vizier is quite simple and relies on the precise timing. The fight starts with the Vizier and the Prince drawing their weapons in a short cinematic. After this, the fight starts.

The Vizier retreats behind the curtains of Farah's bedroom balcony, but creates single copies of himself for the Prince to fight. These are quite difficult to kill, as they can block most of the Prince's attacks. Once hit, they become vulnerable. Once first copy is killed, rush to the real Vizier and hit him until he recreates the shield he dropped when he became weakened. Repeating this process two more times will result in the Vizier's defeat. He should fall through the gate behind him in a cinematic once the third and final copy is killed and he is left defenseless.

Once he falls through balcony doors, there is a short cinematic, in which the Vizier taunts him about Farah, threatening to kill her. Gameplay continues, but only for a short period, in which the Prince hits the Vizier, and the latter falls to the ground. Another cinematic follows, this time showing the Vizier dying as he falls to the ground.

The Two Thrones

Main article: Zurvan (Sand Creature)/Gameplay

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