Prince of of Persia (2008)

The Warrior screenshot

The Warrior

The Warrior is Ahriman's physically strongest servant, huge and hulking with stone limbs and thick armor. He cannot be harmed by weapons or magic and must be overcome by cunning. He reaps destruction on the City of Light, constantly forcing the Prince and Elika to find alternate routes. Despite this Elika senses that he loathes what he has become and encourages him to reclaim his honor and resist the God of Darkness.

As stated above, the Warrior will not receive any damage by magic, sword or gauntlet (although the former two will force him back). Instead, he must be pushed into harms way (into a cage, a pillar, and off a tower, in order throughout the game). This is done by pushing him to the environment that will harm him, which will cause a special move to ensue: The Warrior will lift his immense foot and attempt to crush the Prince, but Elika will teleport between them and try to push his foot back.


The Warrior vs. the Prince

As she is not nearly strong enough, the Prince must push her back with his shoulder, helping her to lift the Warrior's foot, which will then have him overbalance into a cage, pillar or tower, and, as mentioned before, is the only way to cause him any damage. Please note that this move will also occur if the Prince has his back against a wall or an edge, but this is only half as difficult compared to the special move that will push the Warrior into the environment that will cause him to lose a portion of his health.

The Warrior usually attacks in long, sweeping blows, but he will also use these special moves to harm the prince:

  • Smash: The Warrior leaps into the air, fists crunched together, and slams them onto the ground. The Prince dodges this by diving under the Warrior and out of harms way.
  • Stomp: The Warrior will leap at the Prince and try to crush him with it's foot. The Prince dodges this by rolling between the Warrior's legs.
  • Avalanche: The Warrior grasps the Prince in a great bear hug. The Prince will punch the Warrior in the face twice, and then again for a crippling third blow that will make the Warrior release him.
  • The Very Ground: The Warrior kicks the ground, causing stones to fly up at the Prince. Elika uses her magic to place them gently back in place.
  • Warriors: The Warrior will swing his arm at The Prince, who jumps onto the arm and stabs it. He then flips onto the Warrior's opposite shoulder. The Prince is then flipped into the air by the Warrior, but he counters this by stabbing him in the face. If at any time the Prince fails to stab the Warrior at the required time, it will grab him and hurl him to the ground. This move is similar to the Speed kill found in The Two Thrones.


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