Prince of Persia Weapons
Water Sword
Water Sword
Wielder Prince
Origin Island of Time
Creator Unknown (assumed Kaileena)
Weapon Stats
Special Can only be acquired if all nine upgrade pedestals are found
Location Hourglass Chamber
Game Prince of Persia: Warrior Within
The Water Sword is the seventh and final primary weapon acquired by the Prince in Prince of Persia: Warrior Within.

Official Description

"The most revered weapon of them all! This sword, which is rumored to be the only weapon capable of bring down the feared Dahaka, can only be obtained once the Prince has found all of the island's Upgrade Pedestals."
—Official Booklet Description[1]


The Prince can acquire the Water Sword in the Hourglass Chamber once all nine upgrade pedestals have been located. This sword has the most damage than any other primary weapon the Prince wields and also has the ability to break walls like the Scorpion Sword.


  • The in-game Mask of the Wraith cinematic was rendered with the Scorpion Sword on the Prince's back, although it is possible to already be in possession of the Water Sword.
  • Although the sword is available to players who've obtained all the nine life upgrades, using the Water Sword is optional.



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