Like any recognizable Genie, Zahra has been hinted by the Prince to possess the ability to grant wishes. Though her limit is unknown, as she didn't fulfill the Prince's desires by a wish, but gives him a chance to earn it. She can fly and can give a part of her powers the Prince.


Zahra is very proficient in her magic. Although she doesn't display many offensive capabilities, her magic is mainly great for defense and supplementary reasons. And to aid the Prince in his acrobatic movements and fighting his enemies.

Using the Sand Hook, she gave the Prince the ability to spawn Sand hook at will on walls to aid him in his acrobatic movements. With the Sand Whirlwind, Zahra gave the Prince this ability to create whirlwinds, in which would give him the ability to levitate upwards and aid him in his acrobatic movements. With the use of a Magical Orb, Zahra granted the Prince the ability to make magical Orbs, which can suspend him in the air, to aid in his acrobatic movements. She also has the ability to grant others immortality and freeze her enemies in Sand-Like Material.


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