Zal is fair skinned, garnished in a red cloak, and outfitted with a orange-colored sleeve with decorative patterns on it. Wearing a plated shirt, he is also outfitted with a mask in which conceals his dark, corrupted face with blue eyes. Due to his predicament, the bottom half of his body is corrupted, leaving his bottom half in a black, floating mass.[1]


Zal is a regal and strict individual, initially prone to sarcastically insulting the Prince's comments, very much focused on his mission to destroy his evil half and Ahriman, and was reluctant to working with Prince himself initially. Much of this negativity flourished after he had discovered that the release of Ahriman was his fault, having no qualms with placing the blame on him for the fall of his Kingdom.

Despite this however, as he bonds with the Prince, a kinder side is shown. A benevolent ruler, he admitted to being arrogant enough to thinking that he could fight Ahriman and his corruption alone in which help costed his kingdom. He comes to terms with his alliance with the Prince. A caring man, he scarified himself in killing his evil half (which would kill him too) in order to cleanse his own land.[1]

He possess a humorous side, having come to believe that the Prince's motives for defeating Ahriman is to impress a girl upon learning of Elika despite the Prince's own claims of doing so due to wanting to defeat Ahriman.[1]


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