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Powers and Abilities

After "killing" Kaileena with the Dagger of Time and stabbing himself with it, he transformed into Zurvan. With this new persona, he gains god-like powers and most of the powers Kaileena possesses. 


  • Sand Creature: After his transformation, Zurvan becomes a powerful Sand Monster, very similar to Kaileena in power. It is unknown If he, like Kaileena, is resistant to water.
    • Superhuman Strength: In combination with his wings, he had enough strength to overcome anyone in brute force during his assault on Babylon
    • Superhuman Durability: Zurvan possess immense durability. as he was only able to be harmed by the Dagger of Time.
    • Immortality: As a Sand creation, he is unable to die unless one has the Artifacts of Time present.
  • Sands of Time: Being created from the Sands of Time, Zurvan displays the ability to utilize it to his nefarious way throughout The Two Thrones.
    • ​Time Manipulation: It's quite possible he has the ability to manipulate time, seeing as he can manipulate the Sands of Time himself.
    • Flight: He has shown the ability to fly.
    • Corruption: During the Two Thrones, many of the enemies fought have been corrupted by the Zurvan himself, and he seems to let his allies keep their free will. 
    • Teleportation: He can use the Sand Gates to teleport
    • Sand Manipulation: Although they're not actual Sand, Zurvan can manipulate them like they are, able to produce a magical blast or create strong winds with it.
  • Telekinesis: During his final battle with the Prince, Zurvan displayed telekinesis as he hurtled stones to the Prince with relative ease.


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